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If you or a loved one have suffered a traumatic amputation, or a serious injury later requiring amputation of a limb, we are experienced in and familiar with the medical and prosthetic aspects of these life-altering injuries.

Amputation injuries are life-altering and often career-ending.  We are experienced in and understand the importance of developing the medical, prosthetic, vocational, economic loss, emotional, and disfigurement aspects of these type of cases.  We not only work closely with your medical and prosthetic teams to understand and decide how to best present your case to the jury, we also typically work with an economist, vocational rehabilitation expert, and a life care planner, to fully assess and best express to the jury the financial and emotional impacts these serious injuries have on a person.

Contingent Fee Representation: No Recovery, No Fee

We handle amputation and other serious personal injury and death cases on a contingent fee basis. We also advance the costs for the lawsuit, including the fees of experts and consultants. This means a client will not owe us a fee unless and until there is a settlement or judgment in the client’s favor. When/if such occurs, the client would then owe us the agreed-to fee and any case expenses (such as court reporter charges, medical records fees, expert witness fees, etc.) which the client had previously agreed in writing were also its responsibility.

We Know How to Win

We know that work wins cases and details matter when it comes to investigating and winning a case. We are known for thorough research into the facts and the law of the cases we take on.

Having been deeply involved in significant personal injury litigation for collectively more than 40 years, we understand the medical issues surrounding the serious injuries that can occur in these types of accidents, particularly orthopedic and neurologic issues. We also know how devastating, both economically and emotionally, it can be to lose one’s ability to earn a living.