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PA & WV Accidental Death Lawyer Blog


Welcome to the PA & WV Accidental Death Lawyer blog. This blog focuses on the law in Pennsylvania and West Virginia (and other practical issues that arise) when a family member or friend is unfortunately lost due to an accidental death. My name is Rich Ogrodowski. My law partner, Fred Goldsmith, and I are the co-founders of Goldsmith & Ogrodowski, LLC (https://www.golawllc.com), a law firm based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is dedicated to representing individuals and workers, or their families, who have been seriously injured or killed due to an accident. The accidents sometimes arise from: a defective product, a car accident, a motorcycle accident, a workplace accident, or a dangerous condition on someone’s land. We also focus on admiralty and maritime law. Our practice is primarily in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio; however, I am licensed to only practice in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

As a father and husband, I know the preciousness of life. As the son and grandson of former coal miners in Washington County, Pennsylvania, I know the danger encountered everyday when a loved one leaves the house. When I first started practicing law, I mainly defended companies in personal injury lawsuits. But, knowing my roots and that my heart was with helping people, my practice now focuses on representing individuals when they have been hurt or they have lost a loved one.

When an unfortunate accident has occurred and the life of a loved one has been untimely taken away, family members and friends are often left searching for information. I created this blog to be informative and provide general information to those family members and friends. This blog will be different than nearly all of the other accidental / wrongful death blogs you will find on the web. The other accidental / wrongful death blogs are written by outside vendors the law firm hires, which is not the case here. Either my partner, Fred Goldsmith, a guest blogger of Goldsmith & Ogrodowski, LLC, or myself, will write the posts for this blog. The goal is to provide an informative accidental / wrongful death blog that has a personal touch while covering cases, statutes, and rules of civil procedure. The blog will also cover publicly available news that might be of interest to readers.

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